Senior Materials Engineer

Company Name:
United Technologies Corporation
Seeking a Materials & Process Engineer to join our team. Responsibilities involve Materials and Process Engineering support of design, development, manufacturing and fielded aircraft. Parts/systems include rotors, transmissions and airframe components and systems and their producibility in both SAC Product Centers and their Supply Chain. Responsibilities may include drawing review, design and development coupon-level test projects, new technology insertion, shop floor support and failure analysis involving metallic materials,. Additional responsibilities include raw material (forging/casting) qualification projects in support of material source changes. Significant opportunity to contribute while developing knowledge and experience in the microstructure-processing-properties relationships and acceptance criteria for aerospace structural materials and processes. Materials include titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, corrosion resistant steels, alloy steels, ultrahigh-strength steels, and specialty alloys. Processes include heat treatment, case hardening (carburizing), superfinishing, shot peening, plasma spray coating, anodizing, electroplating, passivation, cold expansion of holes (ForceMate bushings), melting, forging, casting, joining, adhesive bonding, etc.
Business Unit: Sikorsky

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